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When Leaders Leave

I heard a leadership talk years ago that compared leading an organization to driving a bus. The bus (organization) has a destination and along the way, people get on and people get off, each with their own set of reasons. … Continue reading

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Advent Reflections

This year at our church (The Fountain, Phoenix) I took a step into new territory and led our congregation through the celebration of Advent. The Pentecostal expression of Christianity I grew up in never celebrated Advent, and I’m not exactly … Continue reading

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Our Turn (Soulology Day 11)

When I was in Bible College, one of my Professors taught us that the grand theme of scripture is redemption. While I agree that it is one theme, there is another that should be considered. I submit that one of … Continue reading

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Made to Go After God (Soulology Day 10)

I took a nostalgic road trip last week. I had driven my two youngest boys to youth camp near Frazier Park in Southern California and decided to take a couple of hours and drive to Bakersfield to see the house … Continue reading

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